How HR policies are beneficial to the organization employees




You are required to conduct primary research and collect relevant data to support your research issue or

challenge. Primary research usually includes preparing and distributing a questionnaire or interviewing

people with a prepared set of questions and researching other primary data sources (e.g. company’s

internal documents, emails, etc.).

The following parts shall be included in your project:

1. First, explain well the methodology you used in your primary research. Remember that

methodology is a study about your research methods, not the methods themselves. Explain and

justify why the methods of your choice were used in your project. These shall include data

collection, data analysis (quantitative and/or qualitative), and sampling methods. Please

make sure you understand the differences between the above three categories of methods –

these will need to be clearly reflected in your report. In other words we can say that research

methodology is a way to systematically solve the research problem. It may be understood as a

science of studying how research is done scientifically. In it we study the various steps that are

generally adopted by a researcher in studying his/her research problem along with the logic

behind them.

2. All the data you collect should be collated and presented in a relevant format. This means that

you have to describe the data in all details and explain how and why you manipulated it.

No recommendations shall be made at this.


Introduction and Methodology - Description of the research question and how the research was

completed - including the reasons for choices. Includes:

1. Identification and explanation of primary and secondary data collection methods

2. Identification and explanation of quantitative and qualitative data collection tools including

sample size and sampling method

3. Explanation of how the research activities related to the original decisions mentioned in the

Proposal and Plan

Collation, Presentation and Analysis of Primary Data Collected

1. Collation and presentation of Data

2. Descriptive Analysis of Data


1. Final summary regarding the success and appropriateness of the data collection methods, tools

and the analysis in relation to the research question and the proposed integration of CLOs in the


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