How important is training to organization



Ask this person to describe the role that training plays in his or her company. Your answer should be at least one and a half to two pages (in Word format). Also, review the list of questions you should be asking in the interview. Ask at least 5 of the following interview questions and includes the interviewee remarks in the response. Please include at least 3 questions of your own. That is a total of 8 questions you should be prepared to ask before starting the interview.

1. Who does your training manager and/or department report to?
2. How many employees are in your training department and what are their roles?
3. What types of training do you utilize?  Examples might include face-to-face, internet, e learning, distance, internal, and external.
4. What is your training budget and is it run as a business unit with an emphasis on cost and value?
5. How important is training to your organization?  Explain why.
6. What is your training department’s mission statement and how is that related to the organization’s overall objectives?
7. How many days or weeks of training do new employees receive?  Is an orientation package included?  Discuss continuation training for existing employees.

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