How is technology affecting politics in your country or region

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Technology and Culture

Question 1

If you had to choose a particular topic concerning technology and culture right now for a major paper in this class, what would it be? Why? Please respond in a single well-argued paragraph with a spirited topic sentence and three main points.2 pages

Question 2

Is there a single aspect of technology that you are especially grateful for? Explain why you feel this way. To reinforce your view, use evidence from assigned Learning Resources in support of your points (avoid unsupported opinions), furnish two images (including ID and source) that clarify your perspective.2pages

Question 3

  1. How is technology affecting politics in your country or region? Choose a specific issue or election and show how technology is shaping it for better or worse.
  2. Use at least one YouTube video clip and several images to reinforce your response. Be sure to ID and cite these sources. 2pages
  3. Please read the poem by Wordsworth.  What is the primary meaning of this short poem? What points is he making about modern life?
  4. While this poem is not specifically about technology,      it addresses the general question of meaning in the modern world.       How do you feel about this poem as you understand it?  Agree?      Disagree?  Would you like to contribute your personal experiences at this point in our course? 2pages.

Question 4

Define "Media." Report to the class about an example of technological progress in the media. What do the advances you refer to improve or make possible? Cite the self-researched reputable sources you consult. 2pages

Question 5

Define "globalization." Research and report on a technology that fosters or prohibits globalization. Be specific about its application in the world. If possible, include positive and negative evaluations of it. Based on those evaluations and your research, explain your educated position within the argument. Cite the self-researched reputable sources you consult. 2pages

Question 6

At present, what are some of the major differences in the use of technology in the US or Europe, on the one hand, and a large city in the People/’s Republic of China? In addition to assigned Learning Resources, cite the self-researched reputable sources you consult. 2pages

Question 7

All paper should be in APA Format

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