How might the success or failure of urban plans be judged



Complete an 300-word max argumentative essay.

The topic is: How might the success or failure of urban plans be judged?

The book that should be used for this essay is Kelly, Stephanie B. (2004) Community Planning, First Edition. Rowman and Littlefield Publishing, Inc.

Instructions below...

Argumentative Essays

There will be one practice essay worth 10 points plus four (4) argumentative essays worth 30 points each (weeks 3, 7, 9, 11, 13),. Essays must be submitted to the designated dropbox on iCollege by midnight the Wednesday before class. Each essay must incorporate these features:

  1. The main points on both sides of the argument. Describe the relevance of the pro and con points.
  2. Proper supporting citations for both sides of the question using posted materials.
  3. Meet standards for content, organization, and grammar. No first-person.
  4. Inclusion of one discussion questions you would like to ask. What do you want to know? What is unclear to you? (these serve as tie-breakers)
  •  Were they on time? Late work automatically loses points and will NOT be accepted if more than one week late.
  •   Were instructions followed? Is it formatted correctly? Is a question included?
  • Quality of work. Good organization and writing are essential. A rubric is provided online. Did you identify and support the main points on both sides of the issue using materials from the readings? Did you provide one relevant discussion question?

Essays may NOT exceed one page (1 inch margins, 11-10pt font, single spaced (double spaced between paragraphs), about 300 typed words.) Essays should consist of 4-5 well written paragraphs. All material, including assigned reading, is to be properly cited using Chicago style citation. The Author-Date style is preferred and is fairly easy to learn and use. 

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