How operations managers apply planning, controlling and leading



Question 1. In 500 words explain how operations managers apply planning, organization, leading, and controlling to the 10 strategic OM decisions. Please include examples in your response.

Question 2. Starbucks is one of the best-known coffeehouse chains in the world. Each store sells a variety of innovative products to complement the array of coffee choices available. However, 75% of current stores are located in the United States, and the expensive nature of the coffee leaves Starbucks vulnerable to changes in consumer spending behavior (such as recessions). Recently, Starbucks began initiatives to sell its specialty coffee beans for home use, presenting a chance for a large increase in revenue and diversification. However, Starbucks faces fierce competition seeking a piece of the lucrative market share, and the threat of consumer behavior changes, given that its reputation rides on a singular product. Perform a SWOT analysis for Starbucks. Explain why you identified the elements you did.

Question 3. As the administrative manager in a law office, you have been asked to develop a system for evaluating the productivity of the 15 lawyers in the office. What difficulties are you going to have in doing this, and how are you going to overcome them?

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