How the marketing plan is helpful to the organization



Final Project: Covers chapters 1 through chapters 16

In the future you may be asked to write a marketing plan; therefore it is important that you are well versed in the components of a marketing plan. 

For the final project, you are to discuss what a marketing plan is and discuss the different components of the marketing plan. Figure 16.2 gives an example of the Marketing Plan Outline.

You will also discuss how the marketing plan is helpful to the organization. The final project in qualitative and you are not required to provide any quantitative data.

Please use any of the concepts we have covered within this course in your discussions.

Specific information on the marketing plan is in chapter 16 of our e-book.

Note: Please review my expectations for the assignment. 

  1. All assignments should follow academic writing conventions and use spell and grammar check.
  2. You should include a cover page for each assignment. An abstract is not necessary.
  3. All assignments should be 12 pt. Times New Roman, double spaced with 1" margins.
  4. Include a minimum of 4 references from the APUS Library system and be presented in APA Format (failure to include such references or to use APA style will detract from your grade on the assignment).
  5. Deliverable length is a minimum of 4 body pages.

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