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 Week 1 Preview: Your Dissertation
Beginning your Dissertation
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NOTE: The Week 1 Core Skills Exercise – ‘Initial Research Plan’ – must be completed to facilitate Advisor Matching.
This week, you will continue to develop your ideas from the previous research module, now considering how these initial ideas may inform your Dissertation. You will think carefully about your research topic or problem, research question(s), objectives and scope of intended research, methodological approach to your research, methods for data collection and analysis, and ethical and political considerations.
Initial Research Plan
You will complete the ‘Initial Research Plan’ which you will share with potential Dissertation Advisors (DAs) to facilitate ‘Advisor Matching’. The ‘Initial Research Plan’ will also provide a good grounding for your Proposal which you will start to develop with support from your DA once matched.
Academic Integrity Declaration and Dissertation Agreement
This first week, you will also read and complete the ‘Academic Integrity Declaration’ relating to the Dissertation module as a whole, and read and complete the 'Dissertation Agreement'.
Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this week, through completing their 'Initial Research Plan', students will have achieved the following objectives:
Proposed a management research topic or problem
Posed a research question or questions
Considered the objectives and scope of the intended research
Considered the methodological approach to the research
Considered methods for data collection and analysis
Considered ethical and political issues
Shared their research idea with potential DAs
This week you will complete the following items:
Read the Required Learning Resources for Week 1 (please find attached files for your reference )
Complete and share the ‘Core Skills Exercise’ for Week 1 (your ‘Initial Research Plan’) please find attached file
Commence ‘Advisor Matching’
Week 1 Learning Resources
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Required Resources
Academic Integrity DeclarationTo access and complete, click on Academic Integrity Declaration in the module navigation menu
Dissertation AgreementTo access and complete, click on Dissertation Agreement in the module navigation menu
‘Initial Research Plan’ template (Word Document)This form completed will facilitate Dissertation ‘Advisor Matching’
Advisor MatchingTo access, click on Advisor Matching in the module navigation menu
Optional Resources
Collis, J. & Hussey, R. (2013) Business Research: A Practical Guide for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students. 4th ed. London: Palgrave-MacMillan.Management students – your core text in the previous research module
Gray, D. E. (2014) Doing Research in the Real World. 3rd ed. London: Sage Publications Ltd.MPA students – your core text in the previous research module
You are encouraged to refer back to the core text introduced in the previous research module, in particular the chapters selected as required readings to help develop your own research ideas during the Assignments. You will also find it useful to reflect back on your Assignments and the feedback you received from your Instructor.

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