Human Observation.



The Human Observation Project should consist of a minimum of five typed

pages. Information should be provided for each section of the Observation Project Form. The

project is divided into two section:

the gathering of baseline information

behavior change

Be sure that the project submission adheres to the following formatting requirements:

Use double-spacing.

Use size 12 font.

Set margins to one-inch on all sides.

Be sure to include your name/course title on the first page.

Write in complete sentences, use good English grammar, and correct spelling.

Avoid personal pronouns and statements such as " I believe, I placed the coin on the floor..."+ " My

research proved that...." - in an objective, naturalistic research your opinion is not very important, but your

findings are. Your research may suggest that..., support the hypothesis..., or indicate....; but it does not

necessarily prove anything.

Charts and graphs are part of a " A" paper, but are not part of the basic page count of the project.

References to outside sources may also part of an A or B level paper. Information should be provided for

each section as outlined below.

APA documentation style must be used when citing references in context and bibliography (if any).

Outline for the Project:

I. Initial Problem

Statement of the Problem: Explain the problem behavior. Convince the reader this behavior needs

to be studied. Give examples from life. Remember, do not use personal pronouns (I, me, my). If you

would like an A or B on your project add information from professional, scholarly research and site your

reference using APA style documentation. In order to locate professional, scholarly research go to the

CTC library online database, type in your topic and click peer reviewed.

Theory: This is a prediction. What do you expect to observe? The theory is a general statement.

For example, most males or females do not wash their hands after using the restroom. Most people will

not pick up after themselves after eating in a public place.

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