I am Edin Herovic, I currently own a Plumbing and Heating Business. The company I own it’s a sole business I don’t have partners.



1: Introduction to CA & Marketing Strategy


Creating Marketing Strategy


Topic Statement  


I am Edin Herovic, I currently own a Plumbing and Heating Business. The company I own it’s a sole business I don’t have partners. I name my Company Hero Mechanical LLC. I started in January 2015. My company is located in Lower Manhattan.

In this crisis, our company is considered an essential business we still have to deal with emergency services that part keeps us busy and alive. Our company deals with emergency services leaky pipes, no hot water, no heat, clogged drains and many other emergency services. Our employees are helping our clients with their plumbing and heating issues. At Modern, the company provides each aspect of Indoor Air Quality or IAQ for the business or home. The key business value of the company is that it will present one of the best services to the customers at a very reasonable price. I am thinking to create an app to make to my clients to us easier and to get information like price, location, estimated arriving time our technician. I am planning to make this app not just for my company but for all other trades and business for all nation not just New York. This is going to make easier to communicate with clients to help them in their emergency issues. 

This is my story about the introduction I need you to make a change and make it nice plase needs to be just 1 page





2: Short term & Long term goals 

Short term goals goals are what I am going to complete before semester is finished. I am going to concentrate in webside and logo.

Long term goals how to get more clients after one period time


This can 1 to 2 pages it depends



3 : Discussion of Work Settings

Profesor needs describe the steps what I going to web side and logo describe why the webside and logo needs to be that way and she needs to be concentrated on logo and webside.

This can 1-2 pages


4: Situation Analysis


5 Exploration Phase-Needs Analysis


6: Plan of Action 


7: Conducting Background Research

This should be 10 at least 10 pages  

We have to talk about about competitors to talk about research advertising for my business


8: Critical Logs (5): Analysis by Dimension 

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