Identify the relevant market. What is the good or service that we are analyzing?





1)      Identify the relevant market.  What is the good or service that we are analyzing?

2)      Market Structure.  What market structure best characterizes this market?  Provide evidence of your assertion. What strategies do firms in this type of market need to employ?   

3)      Market conditions / competitive environment.  Discuss the dynamics of the market - its players, how they interact, what exogenous shocks are impacting the market.  Are there any exogenous shocks or are all the dynamics internal?  Basically, what's going on that is making the HootSuite management have to decide on strategy.

4)      What advantages does HootSuite have over its rivals in its customer base?

5)      Are Hootsuite’s tactics and ideas about future strategy theoretically consistent with how a firm operating in the market structure you suggest in #1 above and facing the issues in #2 above should act?  Defend your assertion with theory and support from #3 above.

6)      HootSuite is evaluating pricing options.  Do you think these are consistent with theory?  Which option would you suggest and why?  Defend your suggestion with economic arguments.


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