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Please note we are required to base this change topic on the  topic change process that we choose. I chose a  Change due to  Implementation of the companies Intranet Network.  Please use this topic for the reflection paper . This assignment is due Tomorrow at 9pm

Reflections Paper 

This is a moderate length paper (3-5 pages) which includes the pieces of Kolb's Model of Experiential Learning and reflection on the change experienced, how it went, what was learned, and how future change initiatives may be impacted.  It is written in the first person and must include the following:

  • Cover Page
  • Concrete Experience - the change you experienced. Describe the specific change that you experienced that you will be using for this analysis.  If there is any historical context or a      specific perspective your audience needs to know to better understand your analysis, please share that as well.
  • Observation  - what you observed, felt, heard, experienced during the process.  This part is highly descriptive.  This does NOT include summaries of all steps in the change process, but a description of the change initiated.
  • Abstract Concepts     - what are the concepts that shaped the change process?  This part describes how the change management concepts and resources were used to shape and drive the project.  This should include mention of Kotter's 8-Step Change Model, but only as concepts for implementing the change.  This does NOT need to reference each change. This part of your paper will be the heaviest use of outside references and sources.
  • Testing for New Situations- What will you do different because of this experience?  This part will include what was learned about the change, the process, leadership impact on the      process, that will be used in future change projects.  Include which resources from the annotated bibliography were most helpful, where there might be knowledge gaps, and your personal beliefs about the source.
  • References - Do NOT add annotations, this should be just the APA formatted references that you used in this paper.

This is highly individualized due to the personal nature of knowledge construction, and is anticipated you will use first person.  Be sure you are consistent with "tense" and "person" in your text.

It's a Management assignment

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