Implementing and Evaluating the Future at Galaxy Toys, Inc.



Implementing and Evaluating the Future at Galaxy

Toys, Inc.


Continuing with the saga of Galaxy Toys, Inc., the third

the assignment covers the last three functions of the P-O-L-C,

Organizing, Leading and Controlling.  Students will look at the

the production floor of Galaxy Toys, Inc. through the lens of the

organizing function, create an organizational chart and assess

the decision making authority associated with the organizational

structure.  Students will then assess change, and discuss

motivation from a leadership perspective, and delve into the

controlling function by looking and project specifications,

interpreting data, and assessing corrective measures.

Outcome Met by Completing This Assignment:

 integrate management theories and principles into management


  organize human, physical, and financial resources for the

effective and efficient attainment of organization goals

  demonstrate leadership skills by communicating a shared

vision, motivating and empowering others, and creating a

culture of ethical decision-making and innovation

  develop measures and assess outcomes against plans and

standards to improve organizational effectiveness

  identify the essential characteristics of decision making and

indicate the range and types of decisions a manager makes


Step 1:  Preparation for the Assignment

Before you begin writing the report, you will read the following

requirements that will help you meet the writing and APA

requirements.  Not reading this information will lead to a lower



Review “How to Analyze a Case Study” under Week 8 Content. 

You are expected to use the facts from the case scenario

focusing on using this information to determine opportunities and

solve problems.


Read the grading rubric for the assignment.  Use the grading

rubric while writing the report to ensure all requirements are met

that will lead to the highest possible grade.

Instruction Files

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