Inheritance, Interfaces, Abstract Classes, Exception handling

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Assignment #2 –Inheritance, Interfaces, Abstract Classes, Exception handling Purpose: The purpose of this Assignment is to: Practice inheritance, abstract classes, interfaces and exception handling. References: Read the materials posted online and also the textbook chapters 8,9 and 10. This material provides the necessary information you need to complete the exercise. Be sure to read the following general instructions carefully: This assignment should be completed individually by all the students. Your Java Eclipse project name must be A2SxxxFirstLast where xxx is your section number, First is your first name, Last is your last name. For example if your full name is John Smith and you are attending section 061, your Java Eclipse project name must be A2S061JohnSmith. Please note if your project name does not follow this convention, your lose 25% of your marks (5 marks)..

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