Instructions on locating anti-virus and firewall software for Windows or Mac computers

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The head of the IT security department expressed her concerns about a series of data breaches that occurred in the company and mentioned that many employees ignored their system security warnings.

You have been asked to provide a summary of information to the entire team about data breaches and suggest proactive and preventative measures for warding off viruses and malware. Your presentation will be sent out to all company employees, so the information must be clear, concise, and informative.

To prepare for your presentation you may find it helpful to do the following on your own computer: 

  • Identify whether you have an anti-virus software running on your machine and from which company.
  • Identify if a firewall is enabled on your machine and if you need Windows® firewall running in addition, if that anti-virus software is installed on your machine.
  • Definition of a data breach and two examples of breaches
  • At least three preventive measures against data breaches, both physical or digital
  • Ways to determine if your system was infected with a virus or malware
  • Instructions on locating anti-virus and firewall software for Windows or Mac computers (either one is fine)
  • Instructions on what to do if a virus has infected your computer

Based on research and what you learned this week, include the following in your summary:

Choose one of the following options for your summary:

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