international studies from a global perspective



The final project consists of a 6-7 pages paper in which you will critically explore any particular aspect of international studies from a global perspective. You can choose any other topic with international repercussions: drug trade, small arm smuggling, organ traffic, modern slavery, ethnic conflicts etc... There, you should articulate an understanding of what Cultural Anthropology means today in the context of a globalized world. You should be able to develop your understanding by analyzing and linking concepts, context, processes, relationships, and implications. You should also draw on relevant material covered in class, but you should also supplement this with your own research to address a particular aspect of the paper. Particularly, you should: First, in the introduction, define the paper’s purpose, offer a synopsis of your argument, and outline the paper’s organization. You should situate your analysis in the relevant historical context. 

Has anything resembled current developments with regard to your topic happened in the past? Can you find at least one major historical example? You may need to provide your own research to answer it. Explain the processes through which globalization is occurring with regard to your topic. How and by what means it is happening? Analyze the key implications of the globalization of your particular category of analysis. In other words, what/who is being affected by the processes you identify, and how?. Here, you should critically assess the literature on your topic. Which arguments are the strongest in terms of logic and evidence?

 Which are weakest? In this section, you should draw on at least 4 or 5 outside sources (Please, don’t use Wikipedia). Do use the professional journal or credible sources to sustain your information. Link your topic with what we have learned in the term. In your conclusion, you should draw together and integrate the different aspects of your analysis to offer a concluding statement on the nature and importance of your chosen topic in the context of contemporary affairs.

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