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Light: Bring notes to class for discussion on the following: (a) Choose an

interesting outdoor location. Observe the light at three different times during the

day, and if possible, under different weather conditions.

(b) Choose three interior locations- such as a store, restaurant, or house- with

distinctly different lighting. What kind of lighting is used in each location? Are

light sources natural or artificial? How bright is the light? Is the light soft or harsh?

How does the lighting affect the appearance of and mood of each space?

3. Sound: (a) Over the course of several days, keep a log of sounds that you hear.

How many sounds did you hear that you are not normally aware of? How did the

various sounds affect your mood? What kinds of qualities do you associate with

different sounds? What sounds are soothing What sounds are irritating? What

emotional characteristics does a specific sound convey? Make a list of sounds that

seem to have an emotional component. Include some that involve the human voice

and some that do not.

(b) Creating a soundscape: Find unusual sound makers. Using your unusual sound

makers, as well as vocal sounds and hand sounds, compose a “soundscape” that

suggests a specific location, such as a harbor, an amusement park, or a bar. Your

soundscape may have individual words in it but no descriptive phrases. Think of

your composition as a collage in which sounds will be layered. Some will repeat;

some will fade in and out. Each soundscape should last thirty seconds. Play your

soundscape for others such as family, friends or coworkers.

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