Investing in the stock market is one method people can use to build wealth.



Investing in the stock market is one method people can use to build wealth. Individuals can take the risk and invest their own money in stocks, or they can rely on trained brokers to do the investing for them. Most retirement savings are invested in the stock market. Before investing in the stock market, it is important to understand the fluctuations which occur over periods of time and what events can impact the market’s value. For this project we will be examining several years of historical market data from a selection of well-known companies.

Perform the tasks presented on the following page in a single MATLAB script file. Your output should consist of a total of five plots, two tables, and text justifying your reasoning. You must suppress all other output to the command window and your code must be well commented, use mnemonic variable names (variable names should make sense and make it easy to understand what each variable is used for), and your code must be easy to read/follow. Tables may be created using either fprintf or table commands. The table command is not covered in this course, but you may choose to learn more about it and use it if you would like. Loops and conditional statements (if structures) are not permitted for use in Project 1.

You will be assigned teams of 3 or 4. Each team member will be responsible for analyzing 4 different pairs of stocks. Each group will decide on the assignments of stocks amongst themselves. The assignments are shown in the table below. 

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