What time period did social welfare begin



A.What time period did social welfare begin? B.How did the upbringing of social welfare impact people? C.What problems did social welfare create? II.Why social welfare began. A.What was going on during the time social welfare began? B.What types of people were to be aided? C.Who qualified for these programs? III.The influential people and organizations who contributed to the creation of social welfare. A.Who created social welfare? B.What types of organizations were created? C.What funds were used to help? My introduction is this I'm not sure what to start talking about after this. I also have an annotated bibliography if you need it please let me know. Introductory Paragraph. When social welfare began it came in the form of mutual aid. People relied on each other for help. Later social welfare would become somewhat organized, although still hazy on who should receive help and who should not and institutions were born to help the poor and needy. It started in the Elizabethan government, and from there took off to aid those who were destitute. People who received aid were orphans, children, and adults (i.e., people who could not care for themselves). During the depression, President Roosevelt, began a reform known as the “New Deal” to help those in need. The government and people decided they needed new approaches and concepts for the many Americans struggling during the depression.

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