IT 511 Final Project Guidelines and Rubric (Solved)

computer science


In this module, you will submit the final project, the collection manager program responding the recipe scenario.

As you prepare your final project, be sure to use feedback from your instructor to revise your work from the final project milestones. You will also need to add a driver application to the program, such as the one you developed in Stepping Stone Lab Six.

Note, too, that the final project requires two types of documentation not included in earlier stepping stones or the final project milestones:

  • Inline comments directed toward software engineers about design decisions to facilitate the program's ongoing maintenance
  • Application programming interface (API) documentation for your programmatic solution directed toward other software developers

This is an additional requirement from the instructor that needs to be completed as well.  For your final project, you will need to generate documentation using a generator such as Javadoc or Doxygen. 

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