It Is A Good Idea To Complete The Skill-Set Assignments Before Attempting This Assignment.



Primary and Secondary Source Assignment




Developing Skills:


By the end of this assignment, you should have developed the following skills:

                   • Learning the difference between primary and secondary sources.-

                   • How to work with academic databases.

                   • How to write proper citations




Step One:


     Complete the Skill-Set Assignments

It is a good idea to complete the skill-set assignments before attempting this assignment. The Skill-Set Assignments are the non-credit assignments located on the Homepage in your Canvas course, in a module all of their own.


Step Two:


         Finding Primary Sources:

Using the OSU repository on Temperance and Prohibition

(link below), locate

FIVE PRIMARY SOURCES, and provide citations for them. Please list them from 1-5. Your citations should be in Chicago format.



Step Three:


         Find Secondary Sources:

Using (JSTOR) a database for academic journals, please locate TWO academic papers about Prohibition in the United States and provide their citations. Please list them from 1-2, under the Primary Sources cited in Step Two.

JSTOR is accessed through the HCC Library Website under the Databases and eJournals link. Select “J” from the alphabetic list, JSTOR is listed below. You can also go directly to and log in under your institution.


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