Jonestown and the Social Psychology assignment help



Term Paper: You will complete a typewritten, double-spaced term paper over an approved topic in social

psychology. Email me a description of your topic for approval by the deadline listed in the COURSE

CONTENT and SCHEDULE. There is a list of Social Psychology Research Topics Posted on blackboard.

These should give you an idea of what to write about in the area of Social Psychology. Demonstrate a clear

understanding of the issues involved including but not limited to a particularly theory that under-girds the

specific issue of study, strengths and weaknesses including limitations of the underlying constructs,

significant studies that have investigated this issue along with their findings, significant

events/problems/concerns within the culture at large that have led to the study of this issue, its

influence/application in our culture as well as the field of psychology today, and a critical analysis of this

issue and of social psychology’s efforts to study it. Simply put, you paper should address these four areas: -

Theoretical issues - Significant studies and their findings pertaining to the issues - Application to the

culture at large - Implication for future research APA format should be used. The term paper should be not

less than seven (7) full type-written pages or more than ten (10) pages. I will count off points if your paper

is six and four-fifths pages. Make sure you write more than seven pages, not counting your cover sheet or

abstract. You do not need to include an Abstract. In addition, students are expected to demonstrate the


1. A level of maturity in the quality of writing as evidenced by proper grammar, correct spelling, &

judicious editing.

2. Management of your time and an ability to organize your thoughts in written form as seen in a well-

thought out presentation & scholarly paper. This is NOT a book report. This is to be a scholarly piece of

work that could be presented at a professional conference.

3. You must use between 4 and 10 sources, not including your text, for your term paper. You may use your

text or the Bible but they do not count in the 4 to 10 sources requirement. The sources should include a

minimal of 4 journal articles and books. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source.

4. Critical thinking that demonstrates a thorough understanding of the theories, techniques, & applications.

I don’t want you to simply describe these concepts. Demonstrate a mature grasp of the underlying


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