Joseph Biden, former U.S. presidential candidate and current vice president



Read the Academic Code of Honor section of the Liberty University Honor Code. Focus especially on its definition of plagiarism and the penalty for it. Then, use the internet and Liberty University’s library databases to explore a plagiarism controversy that surrounded one of the following individuals: Stephen Ambrose, popular historian and biographer; Joseph Biden, former U.S. presidential candidate and current vice president; Jayson Blair, formerNew York Timesreporter; Maureen Dowd,New York Timesop-ed columnist; Doris Kearns Goodwin, popular historian and author; Paul Krugman, economist, columnist, and Nobel laureate; Jonah Lehrer, science journalist and formerNew Yorkercolumnist; Victor Ponta, Romanian prime minister; Vladimir Putin, president of Russia; and Pal Schmitt, former president of Hungary.

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