Biographical Analysis.



Using the outline  (attached, which is already 600 words done), produce a final draft of the Analysis Paper.

In a carefully constructed paper of 1,800-2,000 words (six to seven pages), respond to the following topic. Make sure that the essay has a focused, narrow, assertive thesis, and that it contains abundant textual support for all subassertions and claims (direct quotations, paraphrases, or summaries). You can write on a particular writer or story only once in the semester.  


Topic Two: Biographical Analysis of a Story or Stories – Choose two short stories by the same author and explain how specific information about the author’s biography further elucidates or clarifies those short stories. Using credible, scholarly sources, research the author’s life, and focus on one specific aspect of that author’s life (religious background, education, specific experiences abroad or in specific schools, etc.) and on how that aspect of the author’s life provides further insight into how and why the author chose specific themes or literary techniques

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