After reading the chapter on The Cold War in the American Yawp textbook, what are some important events or ideas you learned in your readings?



01. Read American Yawp Textbook

Please click the link  below and read the chapter "The Cold War," from the American Yawp Textbook.

Be prepared to discuss this article in your assignment.

02. Lecture on Communism:

Please watch this 15 minute video that will give you an overview of Communism vs. Socialism:

  • Also, please look at this more recent video on Present-Day Wealth in America:

    Lecture on The Cold War: PREZI Overview:

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    03. Video on "The Cold War"
    Please click on the link below and watch this 28 minute video on "The Cold War."
    Be prepared to discuss this video in your upcoming assignment.

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    Discussion for Assignment #08: The Cold War
    Assignment #08: The Cold War

    Section A: After reading the chapter on The Cold War in the American Yawp textbook, what are some important events or ideas you learned in your readings? Do you have an understanding as to why the policy of "containment" was so important?  How did the Cold War impact Americans at home?

    Section B:  After watching the video on Communism vs. Socialism, do you have a better understanding of the differences? Try this creative exercise: come up with a fun (or silly) creative example to explain the differences between Communism, Socialism and Capitalism.

    For example: the example I use in my face to face classes is Starbucks.  Starbucks is a place where individual identity is celebrated. I have thousands of choices and combinations in which to design the cup of coffee I want.  If I owned a Starbucks franchise in a capitalist society, the price of coffee is set by supply and demand. I have to keep my coffee prices low enough to compete with other coffee chains.  If I set my prices too high, then customers will take their business to other coffee places. However, if I lived in a Socialist society and the government had control over all of the coffee shops, I might be limited to only one or two choices of coffee. And they can set the price however they see fit.  So I could end up paying $10 for a cup of coffee and have no voice in which to complain if I feel it is too high a price. (a very simplistic example, but makes my point).

    Section C: What have you learned from the video on The Cold War? Did you know that Saddam Hussein was once a CIA asset—a friend of ours.  And did you know that our CIA also trained Osama Bin Laden? These are interesting little tidbits of information aren’t they? But what do they illustrate for us about our country’s dealings in the Middle East?

    Did you have any idea that we have orchestrated the ousting of so many foreign leaders? That we had a hand in assassinating so many foreign leaders?  Why would we do this?
    The Cold War only sees a heightening of all that began during the Spanish-American-Cuban-Filipino War.  (Which we will look closer at in a later discussion board). We begin going into country after country…and for what purpose?

    Historians have noticed it has much to do with the growing military-industrial complex that President Eisenhower tried to warn us against or else they could begin to affect our nation in ways we could not imagine—as Eisenhower suggests, politically, economically, even spiritually.  What do you think he meant by this?

    Take a look at Eisenhower's Military Complex Speech:

    What are your thoughts about the information found in the video and Eisenhower's speech?

    Section D:
    Whenever I think about The Cold War, I am reminded of a film I saw as a child, a 1983 film called "War Games."

    Watch this short clip:
    This film used to absolutely terrify me! Why do you think the Cold War is important to study in US history?

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