Juan and Jamal Case

general article writing


  1. the District Attorney's Investigator and have been asked to evaluate this situation as pursuant to Juan's upcoming trial. Compose a 3-6 page paper to address the following:
  2. Identify, define, examine, and discuss the crimes potentially committed by Juan and Jamal.
  3. Identify the victim(s) in this scenario. Outline the rights of the victim(s) as they related to social responsibility.
  4. Compare and contrast the legal issues that could arise for the police department in this scenario.
  5. Analyze how societal diversity might have played a role in this case. Discuss ethical practices utilized by law enforcement that help them to maintain their objectivity throughout their investigation of this incident, Jamal and Juan's backgrounds, and the underlying interests of social order.
  6. Evaluate the use of technology, such as video tape recordings, as demonstrative evidence in the courtroom.

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