A topic identified in the textbook or another topic relative to this course.

general article writing


Create and submit a rough draft of your research paper. Be sure to properly format your paper and include citations, using APA formatting guidelines.

As you are exploring different ideas for your paper, note the research paper will require you to submit 8-10 double-spaced, typed pages regarding a topic identified in the textbook or another topic relative to this course.

Upon completion, upload your research paper for grading. There are many resources in the APUS online library. Click the Library link in the classroom to view the library.
"Many college papers are published on the Web and students can even become members of e-groups which, for a small fee, promise to deliver 'A+' papers on every topic. Ways to cheat are abundant on the Web."

Please refer to the attachments above for research paper writing tips and resources. It is important that you follow those guidelines and site your references throughout your paper and at the end of the paper.

Turnitin is used to assess the originality of your work--you want to have less than 15% originality.

Written communication is an essential tool for any professional. Writing well is the result of practice followed by feedback and the use of relevant and appropriate sources. Therefore, the quality of writing is graded as part of this assignment. It is easy for students to plagiarize – cut and paste right into a text document.

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