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(1) The challenges of 2017 for law enforcement

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Term Paper

6-8 pages minimum of content. This does not include a cover page, abstract, references or appendices. A.P.A. 6th ed. Format is mandatory, no exceptions. If you do not have the APA style Manual, go get it, it is required; if you do not know the format, learn it.

Use the same font throughout your paper. The font is to be Times New Roman 12-point type; margins are 1” -inch margin on all sides; paper is to be double-spaced. Use flush-left style, and leave the right margin uneven, or ragged. 0 point Spacing setting before and after paragraphs.

In addition to the Websites I listed in the syllabus section on Term Paper, see also: and

You are required to include a minimum of seven references; five of these must be “juried” or “peer-reviewed.” Do you know what this means? Check with the library if you are unsure about a journal you are using. Any references that are not peer-reviewed must be from credible government or mainstream news sources.

Your topic this semester will be one of the following:

(1) The challenges of 2017 for law enforcement

(2) Contemporary community-oriented policing

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