Describe the situation facing Mensa at the time of the case. This should include a.) identifying the major issues facing the company and b.) the decisions that need to be made. Spend no time on corporate history. You must consider the past, but your analysis and recommendations should be forward looking. a.) List your specific recommendations for the firm in detail. b.) Explain why each recommendation is made, appending the information used and the logic (or analysis) applied to reach your conclusion. c.) As you prepare your analysis, remember that no decision is complete until the financial impact of the decisions is determined. d.) Use Present cash flow analysis and Net Present Value techniques when analyzing the four divisions within Mensa, Inc., appending these to support your recommendations. a.) If your recommendation(s) need to be taken in a particular sequence, be sure to indicate the proper sequence and b.) the reasons for that sequence. Discuss a.) the events or uncertainties that are most likely to cause trouble in the implementation of your recommendations and b.) how the firm could react to them if they were to occur.

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