Leadership and Organizational Behavior assignment help



Final Paper

The purpose of the paper is to provide an evaluation of your learning about Leadership and

Organizational Behavior. The goal of the course has been to give you new concepts and language that

will help you to better understand yourself, your relationships with others and your impact on others

who are affected by your life and work purposes.

The following notes are suggestive and stimulative rather than a checklist. My hope is you will find your

own unique approach that really expresses you reacting to and incorporating what you have learned

about how to become more “power-full” in achieving your purposes.

Use what you have learned about appreciation e.g. .

1. Give it a title that is evocative.

2. Write your paper in the form of a story rather than impersonal academic style.Image you are

writing a blog r addressing young people on the web.

3. Use images, quotes, poetry, songs, humor and interesting analogies to tell your story.

Use what you have learned about influence e.g.

1. Who or what. most influenced your thinking before the course.

2. What changed during the course: readings, exercises, outside events, ideas etc.?

3. How will you use influence differently?

4. Use networked diagrams, as in the influence exercises, to show relationship and how they


Use what you have used about control e.g.

5. How will you incorporate this learning so that it becomes a natural part of how you go about

almost everything?

6. How will you use, for example, the Getting to Yes (AIC version) to make better agreement in

every area of our life

7. Will these changes ensure that you achieve the full potential inherent in your life’s purpose?

In your presentation you MUST include something of interest to your colleagues that you learned from

one of the authors or topics .on the attached list. . Each student must pick a different author or topic. So

you must check with each other as you make your choice.

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