Leadership Strengths assignment



You are to prepare a typewritten (minimum of five pages) reaction/reflection paper


What personal leadership strengths have you discovered in your self-

assessment activities (What do you agree with and consider leadership


 How do you plan on further developing your leadership strengths through

application activities and continued professional development?

 Need an abstract, introduction, strengths and take away from course,

weaknesses and goals, goal setting and conclusion

Following is the rubric:

Clear introduction, conclusion and consistent, logical section headings and format

Demonstrates strong self-awareness and thoroughly discusses personal leadership

strengths and continued development using frequent references to the text appropriately

Error-free grammar, spelling, in-text citation and references to the text

Course Overview

During this course, you will examine and apply theories of leadership. The focus is on

determining effective leadership styles and strategies to influence and coordinate the

efforts of work team members and organizations. Additionally, through completion of

application activities, you assess your personal leadership styles and preferences

Instruction Files

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