Strategic Workplace Communication (SWC)



Nau mai haere mai, welcome to 115.111

Strategic Workplace Communication (SWC).

In this course, you will learn skills and strategies for becoming an effective communicator,

in written, oral and visual forms in real-life and virtual contexts.

You will understand why good communication matters, how purpose, audience, message

and context influence the way we structure our communicative events.

Successful completion of this course means you will have developed a range of

communication competencies that will enable you to:

  •  Be a more capable learner in your university learning experience.
  •  Develop the essential skills required by all employers.
  •  Be made aware of how you communicate ethically and appropriately within diverse

learning contexts, workplaces, and societies.

  •  Be aware of how messages are created and what purposes they serve.

This course will be challenging and enlightening. You will be asked to explore who you are

as a communicator – strengths and opportunities for improvement – and also learn how to

modify the way you communicate in today’s tertiary learning and workplace contexts.

Course coordinator: Dr. Angela Feekery

Short Bio

I have been teaching communication for the past 4 years and

thrive on supporting students to become effective, confident


My research interests are centered on communication, information

and digital literacies in academic and professional contexts. Being

information and digitally literate means being able to use a range

of information and communication technologies to find, evaluate

and use relevant information ethically to extend understanding

and create new knowledge in a range of contexts. Engagement with these competencies

are the foundation for learning how to learn, developing critical thinking and problem-

solving skills, engaging in informed decision-making and ethical practices, and

communicating ideas effectively. I look forward to challenging you to be the best

communicator you can be!

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