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Legalization of Abortion


The question of abortion has been on the lips of many people for a very long time. The

question of abortion has also had several implications and impacts among different groups of

people. While many people in society shy away from talking about the issue of abortion, other

people have come out to hold candid conversations on the issue of abortion and how it affects the

members of the society. The question of legalizing abortion has also been trending for a long

time. The implications that legalizing abortion may have has been a subject of discussion. This

paper seeks to discuss the issue of abortion in depth. The issues legal, moral and religious views

of abortion have also been discussed in this paper. This proposal seeks to find out how all these

factors affect abortion and the societal views on abortion. My paper is not only informative but

also educative in the issue of abortion.


Abortion has been defined differently by different people depending on the context.

While some define abortion as the intentional killing of an unborn child, others believe that

abortion is justified by all means and that it does not amount to killing. The legal field, the

religious community, and society at large have also had their opinion on the same (Prata et al.

65). This has called for more attention on the issue of abortion and the issues surrounding this

act. Organizations, agencies and other entities have assumed the responsibility of getting more

information on abortion and ensuring that the members of the public are aware of the issues

surrounding abortion. The complex issues on abortion are addressed in this paper.

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