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ITSP Assignment 3

To be submitted on or before October 14th, 2016

Bill: Seems complicated. And I thought that it was all about the IT

service. Why can’t we just focus on that as a value stream?

Mary: The trouble is that these lifecycles tend to act as if they have

minds of their own. Yes, it’s all about providing IT services to the customer.

But so often the trick is to get these four life cycles synced up. Right, Joe?

Joe: Boy, that’s the story of my life. I’m managing a project right now

where it seems all four of them are biting me, and I wish I could get them

all coordinated.

Bill: How so? You’re in the driver’s seat, right?

Joe: Hah! I wish. First of all, we’re struggling to understand just what it

is the business needs. Classic issue of requirements management. I feel OK

about that because we’re using some agile approaches and not attempting

to write 500 pages of requirements all at once. Since I know we’re going to

have ongoing iterations, I’m also concerned about how quickly I can release.

Once I get my hosting environment figured out, we’re going to have frequent

releases, and in general, in our IT business model, we have not typically tried

to release more than a few times a year. I guess figuring out requirements

and reducing cycle time on releases would both be problems in the Application-

cation Service Lifecycle.

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