Linking stock and flow structure with feedback assignment



need the tutor who is the expert of Vensim program and also management major.
I would like you to complete the challenge from chapter 6 of the Sterman text on pg 212-213 about the gasoline shortages of the 1970’s.  You will build in Vensim the model as explained in the challenge.  I have provided a stock and flow structure as a starting point (please feel free to change it if you have a different view of the problem).  You will need to add the variables to form the causal loops that are creating the problem.  Although not an exhaustive list, here are a few of the variables I would expect to see (Iranian revolution, government policies, media coverage, filling wait times, consumer panic).  All variables, and feedback loops should be correctly diagrammed (see Vensim User’s guide for help).  I realize this is your first time modeling something on your own so I will grade you accordingly.  Be sure to avoid common modeling mistakes such as linking variables directly to a stock rather than the rate, and using the box variable tool instead of the auxiliary variable tool (box variable is for stocks only).  The purpose of this exercise is to help you go through the process of modeling a real world problem.
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Midterm Stock and Flow.mdl 
text pg212.PNG 
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I also want a short paper (no more than 2 pages) that answers the questions in the challenge.  The questions are as follows: 

1) Where did the gas go? 

2) Did the policies implemented help ease the shortage or make it worse?  Why?

3) What policy would you recommend to ease the shortage?

You may want to reference subject matter from the text to support your findings.  Also include any assumptions you’ve made, and point out any loops that are occurring.



           I need two documents: one will be the Vensim model, the other a word document no longer than 2 pages (12 point font double spaced).

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