Locate their current strategy both short term and long term and then offer suggestions to improve upon it (Solved)





Your job is to research a company - Locate their current strategy both short term and long term and then offer suggestions to improve upon it. This is where you will use both first and third person. It does not necessarily have to be CSR Related but more about sustainability. Usually, they are connected but you are welcome to be creative here. 

A paper & a presentation

Details below

The paper part will be 6-8 pages to include a title page and reference page.  Title page and reference page do not count toward the 6-8 pages

Pick a company of your choice and follow the project requirements for both the paper and presentation. Your presentation will simply be your project put into a presentation


After you have selected a company of your choice to discuss in both first and third person. So this means you can use "I" in addition to your research. The key people you talk about can be other leaders from other organizations and what would make their skills great for your company.


The goal is to develop for a current company something that would create a positive impact in terms of business development and sustainability for the company. I know those terms are broad but I am doing this on purpose to allow you to be creative. 

Please let me know if you have any questions. 



This project is both a paper and a presentation combined.



  • The presentation shall be 15 minutes in length
  • If using a separate “talking points” script, please provide a copy to the instructor in addition to the PowerPoint Slides


Project Content Requirements

  • Clear problem/opportunity statement of the project
  • Relevance to the selected organization
  • What components of Strategic Intent will be strengthened as a result
  • What is the positive impact of the project in terms of business development and sustainability
  • What would the impact be if the project is NOT undertaken
  • If there is an impact(s) on customers, suppliers and/or stakeholders who is impacted and what is the impact
  • How will employees be impacted by the project and what will be the general reaction
  • What is the desired outcome and how will you measure success
  • Identify at least 3 metrics you will use to measure success
  • Identify, by title, 2 key people in your organization whose support will be critical and how you will gain their support
  • For each of those 2 people describe “what is in it for them”

Please download the free software when you click on the link below. Locate to the bottom right the link for the free version. You are to do a webcam/powerpoint screen recording of you talking about your powerpoint while going through the slides and then upload it for grading. 

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