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Lowes Repair Service: Customers purchasing appliances can purchase a three-year service contract that provides free repair service and parts. If they purchase in the store, they receive their service contract number immediately.  If they purchase on-line, they have to wait up to three weeks to receive their service contract, which is mailed through the postal mail to the customer.

When a customer needs Lowes’ appliance repair service they call for an appointment.  They must have their service contract number to schedule an appointment. Appointments are scheduled for sometime within two weeks after the customer's call. 

The repairman arrives and diagnoses the problem. If the repair requires a new part, the repairman will replace it if he is carrying it on his truck. If he doesn’t have the part on hand, he must order it. If the part is not in stock at Lowes, it is ordered and sent to the customer. After the part arrives, the customer must make another appointment to have the repair technician replace the part. It might take two weeks to schedule the first repair visit, another two weeks to order and receive the part, and another week to schedule a second repair visit after the part has been received.


1.     Diagram the existing process using BPMN.  (15 pts)


2.     What is the impact of the existing process on Lowes’ operational efficiency and customer relationships?  (5 pts)


3.     Identify 3 metrics that could be put in place to determine the impact of the existing process on Lowes’ operational efficiency and customer relationships? (6 pts)


4.     What changes could be made to make this process more efficient? How could information systems support these changes? Diagram the new improved process using BPMN. (14 pts)

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