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"Manage Template and Design"

I have answered section A of this question which is below, email is attached Please answer section B and C which are in bold below.

(A)Consider this scenario. You are the manager of a Victorian law firm. Yesterday, you asked a junior employee to create a template for a form which will be lodged in the High Court. You asked them to use the template to produce a notice of appearance on behalf of a defendant, Gummininy Pty Ltd ACN 004 320 XXX, who has been sued by a plaintiff by the name of Reginald Blomberg.

The employee emails you the document found here.

  • explain the steps you would take to test whether the document is of the appropriate quality.
- Check that there is an appropriate amount of white space
- Check is section is formatted correctly
- Is the document easily readable
- Is it consistent with organizational requirements
- Is it legislative compliant
- Risk
- Ease of use of the template 
Download Attachment: 
Email act7.pdf

Steps to check the document is appropriate to include;

(B)After conducting the testing process to the best of your ability, assess whether or not the document template complies with requirements and is of the appropriate quality. Describe how you would amend the document if required. 

(C)Draft an email which you could send to the junior employee to provide feedback on the document they created. Submit your answer for assessment.

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