Marketing Business Person explaining the central role of marketing in an organisation.

Word limit 1,150 - 1,250 words. Remember to focus clearly that you will be explaining marketing to a person who doesn't have a  background in marketing. Key points to follow:

1) The first paragraph can give an insight about the background of marketing. If you are using a source from the internet be careful to cite it ( APA format) but do not copy paste it, write everything in your own words. . You can generally give a background according to the knowledge of marketing and how this term has become important over the years. 2nd paragraph you can talk about what are the different platforms for marketing such as social media, retail, branding, communications etc.

2) third paragraph of Use concepts from marketing objectives, marketing plan, marketing research ( swot analysis, focus groups, primary and secondary research) segmentation, targeting and positioning, 7p's of marketing ( product, price, place, promotion, people, process and physical evidence)

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3) Strictly write it in your own words, do not plagiarise at all as there is huge penalty for it. Also remember you are explainning it to a business person who does not have a marketing background. So please keep that in mind.

4) Make sure to use good grammar and sentence structure relating to marketing but do not over use it as it shows that it has been written by an expert.

5) Let me know if you have questions or querries relating to it.

6) Do not use more than 3 sources from the internet. Use sources mainly for definning or explaining a concept. Basically you have to use everything of your own

6) I am posting a sample. But do not use a single word from it, it is there just for your help. Please do not use anything from it or else i can get into a big trouble. See the attachment

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