Measurement, Significant Figures, and Dimensional Analysis



Introduction to Chemistry: Measurement, Significant Figures, and Dimensional Analysis 

There are three essential topics in chemistry: measurement, dimensional analysis, and significant figures. You will need to understand these concepts well as they will continue to be used for the rest of the year.


Measurement is an essential to chemistry, because just like when you cook, you need to get an accurate amount of ingredients for the chemical reaction. 

1. Read Chapter 1.4 on Measurements in the OpenStax Chemistry 2e Textbook. 2. Practice Reading Instruments accurately and check your answers at the end. 

Significant Figures 

Significant figures are a set of rules for measuring the ingredients we use in experiments, observe in our surroundings, as well as accurately report our findings to other scientists. 

1. Read Chapter 1.5 on Significant Figures in Measurements in the OpenStax Chemistry 2e Textbook. 

2. Practice Measuring Volume Accurately with the correct amount of significant figures.

Dimensional Analysis 

Dimensional analysis helps us convert units of measurement, whether it’s because you’re watching the Great British Baking Show or you're talking to someone in another country about how far you’re going to be traveling. It’s always important to get it an accurate conversion. 

1. Watch this Khan Academy Video introducing dimension analysis. 

2. Practice converting units with this Dimensional Analysis Practice and check your work.

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