Modern Imitation of "The Sorrows of Young Werther"



Grammatical revision of essay: Modern Imitation of "The Sorrows of Young Werther" Hey Art, I honestly didn’t know where to begin this letter, and I know a lot of questions may be running through your head as you read this now, but just bare with me. Its been a few years, I know that, but you’re one of my oldest friends; maybe the only true one, regardless of all these years without contact; you still know me better than any girl we tried chasing after in college. Please forgive me old friend, and disregard my actions that were forced by such heavy sentiment and confusion; but on a lighter note, here goes the story that I am forced to share with you of my quite peculiar passed five months in one letter. As you may have heard I received acceptance to the big opening as an intern at the X law firm in New York City after graduating law school. Against Mom’s wishes, I took it. You know how she always was overly religious and treated New York City as if it was Vegas, the big “pagan” city, as she always called it. Anyways, I had enough money and took the opportunity, reaping the awards of such hard work. I moved into the shittiest apartment like a mile or so away from the firm, so I didn’t waste money on a taxi or a bike.

 I needed to save up as much as I could. Regardless I made friends quickly at the firm and worked my ass off, making connections and impressions that gave me the best of spirits. I was even hooking up with one of the girls who lived down the hall from me; she was a cute blonde psych major that went to NYU. You know me though; I was the same old asshole from college, never looking for anything long-term. I’d make her wash my clothes and do my dishes when she came over. I laugh now remembering how easily I could control her; I knew she liked me. Every thing was going according to plan, and my life seemed to be on the right path. My life took a slight turn exactly a month after I had started working at the firm. It was a Friday and as usual, as the only night that I went out, I went to the bar with my friend Jack Goldberg, and Frank Schneider to go chase some ass at this place that we had found after exploring for a good bar weeks before. It was always filled with the cutest girls from all over the states looking for guys like us; douches, but good looking. This night was a little different, I had gotten into an argument with my overly protective mom; making sure my soul was saved. I explained to her that I would try to go to church, and read my bible, but I did feel disconnected from my spiritual side, and that added a glum to my mood. I needed a drink or six, and of course Jack and Frank being assholes like me except Jewish didn’t ask what was wrong, we just talked to girls that night. We always competed who could pick up the hottest girl, and soon they were gone with some college girls visiting from UT. They lied out of their ass saying how they were big executives at the firm, I laughed. I stayed after for a few more drinks to aid my mood. I was on the bar alone drinking a sad jack and coke, when she came up to me. Had I known that this apparent girl would change my life and cause such agonizing pain, I would’ve thrown my drink at her and ran as fast as I could in the opposite direction. She was for some odd reason alone. You don’t see girls like this alone, or at least you see her followed by some guy trying to take or home or get her number. It was as if everyone knew something I didn’t. She had the perfect smile and body. Long toned legs, with full hips, and the perfect tiny waist. She had at least a C cup for breast and her face was something else; cute, full red lips, with high check bones, vibrant blue eyes and long brown gleaming hair. I was so distracted that I forgot she had asked me if she could join me. “Of course” I abruptly said, she smiled, but as if she had been expecting a negative answer from me. 

“Why so sad?” She asked. I laughed changing my mood quickly, it seemed like I had a chance to score a solid 10 tonight, maybe things would go my way again. “ Haha, its nothing, just a long day at the office”. I vaguely remember the rest of the conversation; all I knew was that this girl was named Sarah Schuler from Westport Connecticut, and felt just as alone in this city like me. She was attracted to me obviously, asking a lot of questions of where I was from, and how I got the internship, she seemed so live in the manner of which she talked, and her expressions were very detailed using a lot of smiles and frowns. Her laugh was so pleasant, as if everyone in the bar should’ve joined her. She made me feel like a comedian. She used her hands a lot placing them on my lap plenty of times when I said something funny of how I got to New York, or about my short and awkward experiences here in the city. Her shirt was a little low, enough to distract me from the conversation from time to time. I tried asking her about herself more, but she didn’t say much, she made it all about me. It left such curiosity in me; I surprisingly wanted to know more about her than what her ass looked like naked; after all she was wearing some tight leather pants. I asked her if she wanted to get out of here, she looked very hesitant, and mumbled at first but then complied with a smile. I was going to grab a cab, but she said she didn’t live far. So I walked her to her place, almost certain that I was going to get laid that night. 

Fuck Frank and Jack, taking sixes home. I hope she had a Facebook or Instagram so I could show them the hot girl I hooked up with last night or so I thought I would. We climbed some stairs to her apartment, and started making out in front of her door. For some reason she seemed nervous, but my hand still slid down her back as I grabbed her ass. She seemed pleasantly surprised, but she stopped me and said, “I’m sorry, it’s just been awhile. You seem really nice and cute; I really want to see you again”. She quickly grabbed my phone and but her number in it and grabbed her keys, went in and was gone. In any other occasion, I promise you Art, I would’ve been so mad that I would’ve never called this uptight bitch again. I did however; multiple times. After the office Monday I called, of course after bragging to Jack about the perfect 10 that I banged, he said he knew I was full of shit. She was shocked that I called but content; I continued calling multiple times that week before we hung out again. I was filled with so much curiosity for this girl. She was so fun and witty to talk to on the phone, I was somehow acting different, saying things to make me look like a good guy, trying to impress this girl in ways I hadn’t tried for any girl I was planning on hooking up with. We started spending so much time together after the office or on the weekends. The days in the office went by slowly when I knew I would see her after. 

The dates that followed, that night after the bar, were so fun with Sarah that I forgot about the stresses at work, or even the cute blonde from NYU down the hall. Even though I think she did stop by once to wash my clothes expecting us to hook up after. I almost did, I was slightly not as much of an asshole and turned her down. We would go to the movies, or the park, or Times Square Garden; I even took her too dinner, and paid for it, the both of us. Something was different in the environment, not just with me, it’s as if everything was moving in perfect symphony, to make sure that things worked out flawlessly, and even romantically. Jack and Frank kept making funny of me saying that I was in love, and that they missed chasing ass with me at the bar. They stopped teasing me after they saw how hot she was. Despite the jokes I didn’t care, I spent most of time out of the office with her. She told me about her childhood, and old friends, and family that she hadn’t seen in awhile, and about he

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