my Abnormal Psychology Critical Review Assignment. I would like for a completed assignment with reference list in APA 6th. The Frequently Asked Questions list is attached and the instructions are as follows. Instructions In this assignment you are to cond



my Abnormal Psychology Critical Review Assignment. I would like for a completed assignment with reference list in APA 6th. The Frequently Asked Questions list is attached and the instructions are as follows. Instructions In this assignment you are to conduct a Critical Review of the literature related to a theory/model of a particular psychological disorder. You should choose one of the following disorders: Major Depressive Disorder; Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia (although these are now separate diagnoses, theories typically combine them); Bulimia Nervosa, or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. You are reviewing one particular, evidence-based psychological theory of that disorder. A psychological theory should primarily refer to thoughts, behaviours, and/or social factors, rather than focusing on biological factors. An example of a specific theory is Paul Salkovskis' theory of OCD. It is not sufficient to simply refer to "cognitive-behavioural theories". Note that if you do not select a specific psychological theory (i.e., if you choose to review a biological theory or if you simply look at "cognitive models" or something very general) then you will not be eligible to receive any more than 50% of the available marks in the overview or critical review sections of the marking criteria. You may choose to review the literature on a psychological theory of the disorder you used in the Case Study Assignment. However you do not have to do so and may choose another disorder if you wish. The reason that I have limited your choice to 1 of 4 disorders is that these four disorders have plenty of well-validated theories building on cognitivebehavioural principles that should be relatively easy to research. You will need to provide a brief overview of the theory/model that you are reviewing. You should summarise the main aspects of the theory/model although this does not need to be in much detail. In your Critical Review, you need to refer to published literature to critique the evidence for the usefulness of the selected theory/model. In particular, you should focus on explaining the key strengths of the theory/model as well as its key limitations or weaknesses. Some questions to guide your critique might include: What features of the disorder does the theory/model account for and what can it not account for? Does the model explain known characteristics of the disorder (e.g. gender differences in the prevalence of the disorder, average age of onset of the disorder)? Is there cross-cultural evidence for the theory/model? How does the theory/model relate to other theories/models that are accepted in the literature? Does an alternative theory explain something about the disorder that your chosen theory cannot (i.e., this would indicate a limitation of your chosen disorder). Is there evidence that truly shows the causal role of features described in the model, or is the evidence mainly correlational? How effective is treatment that derives from the theory, and how does this compare to the effectiveness of other treatments for the same disorder? 

What further research is required to expand or test the theory/ model or the treatment that derives from it? You will not be able to address all of these issues within the word limit and might choose to focus on other issues instead. However you will need to decide what is relevant and important (i.e., what issues arise in the literature) for the theory/model that you've chosen. However please remember that no theoretical model accounts for all aspects of any psychological disorder, so it is important that you show evidence that you understand the strengths and limitations of the theory that you are reviewing. Part of this involves critiquing the literature that you are reviewing (for example, does a particular study or body of literature contain methodological flaws that render its conclusions uncertain?). Your review should end with a conclusion in which you provide your evidence-based opinion (using references) of the usefulness of the theory/model that you've reviewed. I suggest that you use headings and subheadings to help organize and structure your review. For some ideas about how to write and present a critical review, see some articles in the journal Clinical Psychology Review: Note: You DO NOT conduct a meta-analysis for this review, the examples available through the above link are to illustrate the literature review process. Referencing In-text referencing and a reference list (in APA format, 6th edition) are required. Although there is no set minimum number of references, you should refer to a sufficient number of sources to broadly cover the literature on the topic, including literature that presents different or contradictory opinions/evidence. 

 Word length Maximum of 1500 words (excluding reference list and cover page). Please note that anything after this will not be read/marked. Also note that this is a relatively small word count for a critical review so you will need to write concisely. Nevertheless, you are encouraged to read a wide range of sources relating to your chosen theory/model to ensure that you have an adequate understanding before writing your review. There is no minimum word count. Marking Criteria: The Critical Review will be marked according to the following criteria, but please refer to the detailed marking rubric available on Blackboard:  Overview of the theory/model (5 marks)  Critical evaluation of strengths and limitations of the theory/model (20 marks)  Appropriate professional writing style (5 marks)  Use of relevant scientific literature and appropriate referencing (10 marks) Formatting Your assignment should be written in size 12, Times New Roman font and should be doublespaced.

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