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Nancy Milo's theory challenges the notion that the main determinant for unhealthy behavioral

choice is the lack of knowledge (Models of Prevention, 2012). Milo proposed that addressing persistent

health problems may be hindered because most people are very aware of what causes the problem but

remain reluctant to make lifestyle changes to prevent or reverse the condition (Nies & McEwen, 2011).

The theory supports the rationale that education can create awareness and that most individuals will

choose to make changes that come easy. The focus of the community program is education and not on

socioeconomic status or access. The basis of the education component relies on the needed resources and

making them available in the easiest way possible. In order for life-style patterns to change to affect the

incidence of diseases, health-promoting options must be available at little and no cost (Nies & McEwen,

2011, p. 44).

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