Netflix: A big name in entertainment industry



Netflix: A big name in entertainment industry

Type of Industry

We have chosen the Entertainment industry to ascertain and understand the specific

industry transformations over the previous 5 years. The main focus of the industry chosen is on

the specific sector of subscription compensated streaming facilities. There are several big names

or firms that offers these facilities to the consumers ought to enjoy the music or entertainment by

the provided amenities like Netflix, Dish Co., Comcast, Disney, HBONow or HBOGo etc. But,

we chose Netflix as the firm to discuss the scope or extent of change in the entertainment

industry. The entertainment industry providing online compensated streaming facilities to the

client’s advances in the recent period of time e.g. preceding 5 years back. There are several

strong rivalries that compete in the similar race to offer best services in the industry to their

home or places e.g. using the media of TV, Satellite services on demand etc. The industry of the

music or online entertainment paying on-demand paid music services is emerging in the years

and has altered a lot. The industry identified moving forward in the direction to grow and

advance in the next five years as projected by the advancements (Steele, 2016)

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