Network design Proposal assignment help

computer science


  1. Define the topology that will be used.
  2. Select the appropriate network media.
  3. Select the appropriate network connecting devices, including network security devices.
  4. Select the appropriate computer systems to use to support the network design.
  5. Determine a physical layout of the computers on the floor plan, along with the network wires (network wiring diagram).
  6. Provide justifications for each element of your network design (numbers 1–4 above).
  7. Watch How to Subnet a Network Video provided in Content -> Project Instructions
  8. Review the Network Address Template provided in Content -> Project Instructions -> Project Templates for Parts 1 - 3
  9. Complete the subnet chart provided at the end of the document.
  10. Identify network services needed.
  11. List additional servers or network devices needed to implement the network.
  12. List network security measures to be implemented.
  13. Justify the need for the network services, security measures, and devices you've selected.

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