New labour which is part of the history of the British Labour Party were in power for twenty years, from the mind 1990 to 2010

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New Labour: New Life for Britain

New labour which is part of the history of the British Labour Party were in power for twenty years, from the mind 1990 to 2010, the principles leaderships it  was let by Tony Blair (1994-2007) and Gordon Brown (2007-2010).New labour is of particular interest to students of political sciences because of the huge changes they brought to the country during  their twenty years in power . Post-New Labour Britain was very different place to how it looked before New Labour took power , This essay consider and find answer to several key questions about the New labour including, why the name New Labour was chosen, that means that the last labour was not good, why Tony Blair resigned after 10 years of leadership, and why he was criticised ? , why they only won with a relative majority in 2005  but an absolute majority in 1997 and 2001. What happened with new labour in 2010 ? which ended with Brown’s resignation   and the loss of general elections which caused a fragmented parliament and led to the creation of a government coalition between the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats with David Cameron as Prime Minister.

In this essay the readers will find more information about New labour and they will understand better part of the politics in Britain  ,as well as  the functioning of the government, as an international student I understood, with a lot of research and study , I hope readers can understand the different historical moments that happened through New Labour which is a very interesting, controversial and informative topic. However, one of the facts that I will not talk in deep is the last labour party, I will talk but very briefly as result that the main topic is the new labour, which started with the leadership of Tony Blair and the Manifesto of 2007


In overall, in 1996 was collected a declaration of intent called New labour, New life for Britain, this new mark supported the market economy. The policy philosophy of new labour was influenced by the development, and one of the important topics was social justice, rather than equality and the equal opportunities. New labour is a socialist party with social policies; for example three of the most important policies were welfare to work , which  is a  programme of subsidies and training for benefits claimants to get back into the job market, the second one is New deal  aiming at single mothers and the disable to get them into work too and third one is minimum wage aimed to make work pay higher than benefits. Anthony Giddens who is the devised of the third way,  wanted a majority in the  middle class without excluding those people from society  such as single mothers, disable people , the underclass and also homosexuals, because they have the same rights as the rest of people. New Labour  and the new policy philosophy was created with the purposed of  regaining the confidence of the electorate, as result of the Last Labour Party that was severely criticized for the breakdown of its electoral promises and for links between the unions and state, however despite all this , Alastair Campbell who centralized party communication , used his experience as a journalist to build a good relationship with the media. In 2002 following the criticisms of Philip Gould, Blair announced the need to reinvent the brand, based on a unified internal policy and a greater demand for foreign policy and in 1997 elections, its support rose substantially between the upper and middle classes.  New Labour Party maintained this broad support in the 2001 and 2005 elections


In 1997 Tony Blair in a manifesto explained the different reasons of why they called New labour, is because they wanted a new Britain with a purpose, energy and  with a  new policy and distinctive approach has been mapped out, one that differs from the old left and the conservative right. A New labour where the renew faith in politic as result of the broken promises of the conservative party before the election of 1992 where they would not raise taxes but then went on to raise them by the largest amount in the history starting in the first Budget after elections, therefore the new labour is not going to promise what they cannot deliver  but one of  the principle reason is to meet the challenges of a different word in this manner they can build a better Britain and the purpose is to give Britain a different political choice, a choice between a failed conservative government, exhausted and divided in everything other than its desire to cling on to power, a national party supported by people from different ages young , middle age and older. 

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