The Rise and fall of two great nations

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The Rise and fall of two great nations The Romans Empire and Han Dynasty in China were very similar in many ways. Both of these great civilizations thrived on a centralized government. The Roman government was more of a republic, where the citizens elected representatives to rule on their behalf. The Han Dynasty also had a similar system of bueaucacy with representatives for provinces designated by the central government. The Han Dynasty lasted over four centuries, in which they inspired other Chinese dynasties. The Roman Empire lasted about 1000 years before it was overthrown. the difference between these two great nations is that the Han Dynasty led their people in inventions and critical thinking, whereas Romans depended solely on slaves, while the Han Dynasty depended social classes and peasants. Christianity played a major role in the downfall of Rome by invalidating the power of its leaders. 

The Romans adopted the Greek religious beliefs of polytheism, which they believed in many gods. The Romans emperor Constantine the great declared tolerance of Christianity, by doing that the Romans considered him to be a god. Christianity is a belief in one god, who is not the emperor. this helped weaken the authority and credibility of the emperor, because man can't be a god according to christian. With the Han Dynasty religion did not play a major role in its demise. In 9 C.E a government official and member of a powerful family named Wang man forcefully took the throne. Wang man intended to inform the order by altering how the land ownership worked. He decided that all the larger estates be cut down and the land be divided among the poor. 

It took 14 years of unsuccessful attempts to amend the land ownership issue, along with the flooding of the Yellow river helped with the end of Wang Man. the next emperor relocated the capital after gruesome end of Wang Man. The Han Dynasty bloodline faced many deaths, whether they died young or old. the political states of the empire caused numerous amounts of rebellion and weakened the empire making way for warlord Dang Zhou to seize control of the capital and dissolve the empire.

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