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Company Performance
Considering the knowledge you gained from your prior studies and

other related topics covered/to be covered in this unit (e.g. Business Performance Measures,

Balanced Scorecard, SWOT analysis, etc.), analyse and discuss the overall economic and/or

social and environmental performance of the company for the past two years before the

launch of the new product/service. Your analysis and discussion should explain how the

company has either succeeded or failed to strengthen its competitive advantage as a result of

the new product/service launched.

900-950 words, 5-6 references( Swinburne university style).

-Students should use, at least, three analytical tools (e.g. ROI/profitability measures, BSC,

SWOT, etc.) to comment on companies overall economic performance

=> for the past 2 years before the launch

-Discussion on whether the firm succeeded/failed to

strengthen competitive advantage because of new

product launch

Proper references used (cite as you write)

useful references can be found from numerous sources such as Annual Reports,

Sustainability Reports, Shareholder Reviews, company website and through various

library electronic databases such as DatAnalysis and Factiva, among others.

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