Team Charter (Week 1)



Team Charter (Week 1)

In both temporary and permanent teams in organizational settings,

a key component of effective team performance is development of

shared goals and agreed on processes for attaining those goals.

Many organizations employ team charters to help ensure

agreement of both goals and processes. As a team, you are

expected to develop a charter as both an assignment for this course

and as a basis for team performance going forward. This contract

will serve as the “strategy” for your collective learning experience.

It should outline the group policies and procedures as well as the

timeline for development of your group project(s). Specific areas

to address in your team charter are listed below but teams are

welcome to exceed expectations by adding additional criteria based

on needs. Students are encouraged to review examples of team

contracts/charters online. Grading of this contract will be

dependent on thoughtful reflection by group members,

thoroughness of the charter, as well as presentation (i.e. grammar

and formatting). 

This charter will be dependent on thoughtful

reflection and explanation by group members.

Although other components may be included in the charter, the

following MUST be addressed:

Team Charter & Project Plan

Your team will develop a team charter and project plan that will be

agreed upon and signed by all team members. The team charter

will assist the team in working together, offer candid and helpful

feedback, and identify expectations. The project plan provides

details of the teams’ goals, the steps to complete the group project,

and the roles that each team member will have. The requirements

are as follows:

I. Purpose. Clearly define the purpose of your team.

II. Membership. List names of team members and contact


III. Goals. Clearly state the team’s specific goals. Include

measurable task and process goals.

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