One Hundred Horses article

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Research the artwork One Hundred Horses by Lang Shining and gather enough relevant

information to fill out the outline below. You will need at least 2 sources, with no more than one

Internet Web site. Other sources can include books, journal articles, newspaper articles,

encyclopedias, or other print publications. Using the Modern Language Association (MLA)

style, prepare a list of sources. The outline MUST be in the format below with NO sentences

or paragraphs. Your paper must be 2-3 typed pages of text (12-point standard font with 1

inch margins), double-spaced, no extra space between paragraphs, include a works cited page,

and an image of your selected artwork.


a. Title, artist, date

b. location created, current location of artwork 


a. What images are contained in the work of art? Describe what you see

b. Identify the symbols and their meaning.


a. Of what is the work made?

b. How was it created?

c. Describe the technique. 


a. Discuss all of the elements of art as you have observed them in the artwork

b. Discuss all of the principles of art as you have observed them in the artwork

(There are 18 of these elements and principles for which you are responsible).


a. What events took place during the time it was created?

b. What message is the artist attempting to convey?

c. What was life like for people in this region when the artwork was made?

d. What was the significance of this artwork? 


a. What other relevant information can you provide about this work of art?

b. Conclusion

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