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The literature on group work identifies a variety of group types. M. S. Corey, G. Corey, and C. Corey (2010) address five group types in Groups: Process and Practice: task, psychoeducational, counseling, psychotherapy, and brief. The Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (2005) identifies five group types appropriate for substance abuse treatment: psychoeducational, skills development, cognitive-behavioral, support, and interpersonal process.

As you consider your knowledge, skills, and experience with different groups, you may be aware that you are likely to be comfortable leading particular groups but uncomfortable leading others.  

For this Application Assignment, read about group types to discover their characteristics and to explore which group types are appropriate for which situations. Reflect on your personal experience in group work and think about how comfortable you might be leading each type of group. Consider strategies you might apply as a group leader to increase your comfort level with groups that are personally challenging for you.

The Assignment (2 pages):

The assignment should contain the following:

  • A brief description of one type of group you might be comfortable facilitating and one you might not be comfortable facilitating, explaining the differences in comfort levels (Choose from the task, psychoeducational, counseling, psychotherapy, or brief groups.)
  • An explanation of strategies you might use to overcome your personal discomfort facilitating the group you identified above
  • An explanation of how you might apply these strategies to improve your effectiveness as a group leader

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